The Parallel Universe
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Welcome to The Parallel

In this issue of The Parallel Universe, learn about Python* and parallel computing, using Intel®Graphics Processor, and more.

FEATURE STORY: Supercharging Python* with Intel and Anaconda* for Open Data Science

The Technologies That Promise to Tackle Big
Data Challenges


Getting Your Python* Code to Run Faster Using Intel® VTune Amplifier XE

Providing Line-Level Profiling Information with Very Low Overhead

Parallel Programming with Intel® MPI Library in Python*

Guidelines and Tools for Improving Performance

The Other Side of the Chip

Using Intel® Processor Graphics for Compute with OpenCL

A Runtime-Generated Fast Fourier Transform for Intel® Processor Graphics

Optimizing FFT without Increasing Complexity

Indirect Calls and Virtual Functions Calls: Vectorization with Intel® C/C++ 17.0 Compilers

The Newest Intel® C++ Compiler Introduces Support for Indirectly Calling a SIMD-Enabled Function in a Vectorized Fashion

Optimizing an Illegal Image Filter System

Tencent Doubles the Speed of Its Illegal Image Filter System Using SIMD Instruction Set and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives

Did you miss the Special Edition?

In this edition we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Intel® Threading Building Blocks!

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