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Welcome to The Parallel

In this Special Edition of The Parallel Universe, we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Intel® Threading Building Blocks!

FEATURE STORY: The Genesis and Evolution of Intel® Threading Building Blocks

The original architect shares his perspective on the motivations and principles behind Intel® TBB


A Tale of Two High-Performance Libraries

How Intel® Math Kernel Library and Intel® Threading Building Blocks work together to improve performance

Heterogeneous Programming with Intel® Threading Building Blocks

With new features, Intel® Threading Building Blocks can coordinate the execution of computations across devices

Preparing for a Many-Core Future

Johns Hopkins University uses Intel® Threading Building Blocks to increase the performance of its open-source Bowtie 2* application by adding multicore parallelism

Leading and Following the C++ Standard

Intel® Threading Building Blocks adheres tightly to the C++ standard where it can―and paves the way for supporting parallelism best

Intel® Threading Building Blocks: Toward the Future

The architect of Intel® Threading Building Blocks shares thoughts on the opportunities ahead, including heterogeneous programming and modifications driven by the C++ evolution

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