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Issue 21

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Learn more about The Message Passage Interface: A Standard for Distributed Memory Systems in the current issue.


An Introduction to MPI-3 Shared Memory Programming: An All-MPI Alternative to MPI/OpenMP* Programming Worth Considering

By Mikhail Brinskiy, Software Development Engineer, and Mark Lubin, Technical Consulting Engineer, Intel Corporation

The new MPI Shared Memory (SHM) model in MPI-3 enables incremental changes to existing MPI codes in order to accelerate communication between processes on shared-memory nodes.


Intel® MPI Library Conditional Reproducibility

By Michael Steyer, Technical Consulting Engineer, Software and Services Group, Developer Products Division, Intel Corporation

Intel® MPI Memory Consumption

By Dmitry Durnov, Senior Software Engineer, and Michael Steyer, Technical Consulting Engineer, Software and Services Group, Intel Corporation Developer Products Division

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