The Parallel Universe
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Issue 27

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Learn about high-performance and parallel computing application programming interfaces, including OpenMP*, new tools for tuning serial performance, and much more.


The Present and Future of the OpenMP* API Specification

How the Gold Standard Parallel Programming Language Has Improved with Each New Version


Reducing Packing Overhead in Matrix-Matrix Multiplication

Improve Performance on Multicore and Many-Core Intel® Architectures, Particularly for Deep Neural Networks

Identify Scalability Problems in Parallel Applications

How to Improve Scalability for the Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi Processors Using New Intel® VTune Amplifier Memory Analysis

Vectorization Opportunities for Improved Performance with Intel® AVX-512

Examples of How Intel® Compilers Can Vectorize and Speed Up Loops

Intel® Advisor Roofline Analysis

A New Way to Visualize Performance Optimization Trade-Offs

Intel-Powered Deep Learning Frameworks

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